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We are dedicated to achieving excellence in alternative education, and in making such education available to our community. We believe that our school should strive to provide our students with the benefits of a nurturing and positive educational setting: small class size, personalized instruction, interactive learning, parent engagement, and an openness to all accommodations.

Karen Smith


The Smith School was started in 1990 as an opportunity for students to gain individualized attention and small class instruction. When the school began, our focus was on working with students that struggle in a larger setting, whether that be at public school or another private or charter school. Since 1990, our mission has remained the same: creating a nurturing environment where students get the accommodations they need. We have an increased focus on differentiation and are able to appeal to all student learners.

We welcome you to reach out to Smith and come visit our classrooms, where you will find teachers incorporating research based best practices within the classroom and students eager to be at a place they feel safe. We are proud to be educational leaders in the field and are committed to assisting our students reach their full potential.

We’d love to hear from you!

131 West 86th Street | New York, NY | 10024 |

Tel: (212) 879-6354

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