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The Smith School of Music

Our School

​Located right in the middle of the Upper West Side, the Smith School of Music brings a whole new world of music to the community. And that's what we aim to be- a community. We are a place where students are nurtured and cared for and where lessons are a place for students to grow both musically and in all other aspects of life. Whether music lessons are a hobby or a career goal, we expect our students to put effort into their field and come to each lesson with a positive attitude, ready to learn.

Our Teachers

Our faculty is made up of professional musicians who have experience teaching and performing in New York City and around the world. Each teacher brings his/her knowledge of music to each student's lesson and not only teaches, but also acts as a mentor, creating a personal relationship with each student, giving advice about the next step and discussing the right path. Our teachers give all they have to offer to each student in the hope that this is reciprocated through the student's diligence. 

Our Philosophy

We know that all students learn in different ways and at varying paces, so all lessons are constructed to suit the needs of each individual student. We believe it is important to find a balance between having fun playing an instrument while preserving a sense of self-discipline in order to improve. Lessons are challenging but flexible, and are a place where students should be comfortable and not afraid to express themselves in their musical endeavors.

 Damien Kelly 


 The Smith School of Music was founded by husband and wife team Damien and Jessica Kelly. Eager to bring together highly qualified teachers and ambitious students, their goal is to make the Smith School of Music a leading center for music education on the Upper West Side, providing quality music lessons for students of all ages and abilities.

 Jessica Kelly 
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