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Clubs and Activities

After school clubs are a crucial aspect to our program here at Smith. We require all students to attend at least one club per week, in order to strengthen their skills in the community and grow as individuals. We encourage our students to self-advocate and we welcome any new club ideas each year. All clubs are student led, with a faculty member as the advisor.


Possible Clubs Include:

  • Anime/Minecraft

  • Rock Band

  • Studio Art

  • Games (chess, video game)

  • Athletics (basketball, frisbee)


Additional Activities –

  • Spelling Bee

  • Academic Field Day

  • Spirit Week

  • Prom

Senior Internships

Senior Internships are available to second semester seniors in good academic standing. Past placements have included: Pre-Schools, Magazine & Digital Editing & Jewelry Making)

Government Building
Student Government

Each year in September, nominations for student government begin. Students running for these roles are asked to campaign with flyers and to make a speech as to why they should be elected. Once established, the student government works together with the advisor in an attempt to serve the needs of their fellow classmates. Student Government is also in charge of different events throughout the year (Candy Grams, Holiday Secret Snowflake, Potlucks & Bake Sales) and work collaboratively in representing the student body. Elected student government members serve one-year terms and meet on a bi-monthly basis, while learning the essentials of leadership techniques and management as they carry out their term.


The Advisory program at The Smith School serves as the cornerstone in developing academic, career, and personal/social wellness for our students. Each student is paired with an Advisor who serves as a mentor and source of support. Advisory is a place for students to discuss pertinent adolescent topics and formulate short and long term goals. Each month, school-wide initiatives target topics such as mindfulness, multicultural awareness, the “take a stand movement,” and college and career exploration.


Sample Schedule

September – Smith School Community Month

October - Bullying Prevention Month

November – College & Career Exploration Month

December/January – Health & Wellness Month

February – Black History Month

March – Multicultural/Diversity Month

April – Professional Skill Development Month

May – Self-Care & Executive Functioning Month

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