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Admission to The Smith School

The Smith School admits students of any race, religion, ethnicity, and economic status without bias or prejudice. The school also admits students with physical, emotional, and learning issues.


While tuition is on par with other private schools, The Smith School works with parents and the Board of Education to make tuition affordable.

Contact us to discuss tuition details.

Admission Process

The admissions process at The Smith School begins with our downloadable Application Form. While no entrance examination is required, students may be asked to complete an assessment test in order to determine optimal placement.

Admissions Checklist for Parents

Part I: Background Information

  • The Smith School Application and $50.00 processing fee – Application Form

  • Transcripts from previous 2 academic years

  • IEP, Educational and Psychological Evaluations, and Immunization Record

  • 2 Teacher evaluations (Math and English preferred)

  • Writing Sample: a recent piece of your child’s written schoolwork

  • Recent photo: A photo print may be sent to the school via mail; or, a digital photo can be e-mailed to the school.

Once all the items in Part I have been received by The Smith School’s Office of Admissions, the School will contact your family to schedule an interview and begin Part II of the admission process.

Part II: Coming to The Smith School

  • Family Interview

  • Full day student visit

  • Final decision

The Smith School’s rolling admissions policy allows us to consider applications throughout the academic year.

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