Summer 2022 "Flexi" Semester
June 14th and August 30th


The summer semester will be flexible, allowing time to reunite with friends and family, go on vacation, etc. It will consist of 10 lessons on a set day and time that can be used between June 14th and August 30th. This means that students can maintain progress on their instrument, while enjoying a well deserved break over the summer. Lessons will be in person at The Smith School or online using Zoom. Students may opt for a hybrid system if they are traveling over the break. 

Enrollment Form
Recording Session

Duration               Fee Per Session*

60 Minutes                 $125                          

90 Minutes                 $170

+$25 for each additional half hour of recording 

*Session includes recording engineer, all equipment and editing.

Room Rental

Duration               Fee Per Session

30 Minutes                 $15                          

60 Minutes                 $25

90 Minutes                 $35