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Math Class


Foundations of Math - basic math is the course that lays down the foundation for middle-school students to work with more complex concepts they will encounter at the high school level. Students are taken through the basics of working with numbers and are exposed to material they will encounter in the Pre-Algebra and Algebra classes. Possible topics include: algebraic expressions, positive/negative numbers, one and two-step equations, solving and graphing inequalities, ratios and proportions, percents, statistics and probabilities. Advanced classes will also see some fundamentals of Geometry (basic figures, angles, circles & circumference, areas of shapes).

Pre-Algebra - The content of this course includes all standard topics of middle school mathematics. The course enables students to make the transition from elementary school math to Algebra, while emphasizing Pre-Algebraic concepts, including variables, equation solving and problem solving. Other topics include rational numbers, geometric figures, ratio, proportion, and percent, coordinate planes, areas and volumes and statistics and probability.

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