Andrew DeNicola


Andrew DeNicola Headshot Smith School.jpg

Andrew DeNicola is a jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist based in the New York Metro Area. Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, his musical journey began in 4th grade when he picked up the alto saxophone. By high school, he was writing music, playing gigs around Connecticut, and studying privately. In addition, he attended the Regional Center for the Arts, a creative arts program that helped further his interest in music. This all led up to Andrew receiving the North American Scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts for performance, and composition. Andrew spent the next four years at Berklee honing his craft with veteran jazz performers & composers including Bill Pierce, George Garzone, Greg Hopkins, and many more.


After graduating from Berklee, he returned to Stamford CT to teach at Project Music, a program that helps underprivileged kids learn music. During this time there was a desire for Andrew to take his original music and turn it into a body of work that he could showcase his skills not only as a performer but as a composer. This eventually turned into his first album entitled “The Life of an Aquarius”, and he quickly formed a group to play the music in NYC called the New Generation.


At the beginning of 2020, Andrew decided to leave NYC to pursue work as an orchestra musician onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. After working for a month the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the ship went out of service. This forced Andrew to come back home to his family, and think about where he was going in his career. Being home brought Andrew back to writing all-new music as a way to understand what had just happened to him, and what was going on in the world. He took this music and turned it into his second record entitled “1 + 9”.


A highly motivated individual, Andrew is extremely dedicated to his craft. He looks at performing, writing, and teaching as vehicles to help create his artistic voice. Currently, Andrew will be pursuing a Master's Degree in Jazz Studies at Queens College and is looking forward to furthering his education in the field of music.