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Private Lessons 


Over the last ten years the Ukulele has become increasingly more popular. Although seemingly easy the ukulele can be taken to virtuosic levels as demonstrated here by Jake Shimabukuro. It is affordable, transportable and most importantly a lot of fun to play. 

Students of all ages and abilities can sign up for Ukulele lessons and will be paired with a teacher based on level and availability. Students can sign up for private lessons at our Upper West Side location any time during the year. Students can also opt for in-home lessons. Lessons are held on a weekly basis. Fees will be pro-rated based on when the student begins lessons. It is also the perfect instrument to study with a friend if you wish to share your lesson. Contact us to find out more about group pricing. 

Group Lessons

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Students enrolled in Ukulele group lessons will have the opportunity to learn their instrument in a fun and educational setting. It is also a more affordable option for those who want to see if guitar is for them. 

Students of all ages and abilities can sign up for lessons and will be grouped according to level and availability. Lessons are held on a weekly basis. Students must sign up for group lessons at the beginning of the semester so that the class can progress through material together. 

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