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Private Lessons 


The Recorder can be a wonderful way to jumpstart a student's ability to play an instrument, developing imitation, listening, and overall musicianship. It is a great beginner's instrument due to its portability and playability, but students can also advance on this instrument and progress from learning beginning tunes to performing music by Baroque, Classical, Celtic, and Contemporary composers. 

Students of all ages and abilities can sign up for Recorder lessons and will be paired with a teacher based on level and availability. Students can sign up for private lessons at any time during the year. Lessons are held on a weekly basis. Fees will be pro-rated based on when the student begins lessons. 

Group Lessons


Students enrolled in Recorder group lessons will have the opportunity to learn their instrument in a fun and educational small classroom setting. Group recorder lessons promote experimental learning and imitation, and develop group listening and overall musicianship. 

Students of all ages and abilities can sign up for Group Recorder lessons and will be grouped according to level and availability. Lessons are held on a weekly basis. Students must sign up for group lessons at the beginning of the semester so that the class can progress through material together. 

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