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schoolBuildingNearly all our students attend The Smith School on a full-time basis. Upon enrollment, students are placed in classes most suited to their ability level and academic history, and an individualized daily schedule is generated to meet their assessed needs.

In addition to the core academic subjects of English, Math, History, Science, and Foreign Language, all students are eligible for Art, Music, Drama, Computer Science, and other elective courses. A daily Study Hall period and a weekly Physical Education class complete the full-day student’s schedule, which begins with Homeroom at 8:30 AM.


Excel! Extended-Day Program is offered in conjunction to the Full-Day program for students requiring additional assistance in homework completion, organizational skills, and test preparation. The EXCEL! Extended-Day Program is highly recommended for any student who, in the past, has struggled to complete out-of-class work on a regular basis. All members of the faculty are available to EXCEL! Extended-Day students throughout the day for assistance, consultation, and support.


The Smith School offers three intensive academic sessions during June, July, and August. Covering one semester’s worth of material in a single subject, each class is conducted in a small setting (usually less than 3 students per class) and meets for three hours per day beginning at 9:00 AM. Each session runs for a total of 3 weeks (15 class days) and earns the student, upon successful completion, one half of one credit towards graduation. Summer sessions are ideal for students who wish to earn additional or early credits, and also for students who need to catch up on missing credits for academic promotion.


Individualized instruction in all subjects (including SAT Prep) and at all levels can be provided to students upon request. Interested parents should contact us to make such arrangements. Fees are calculated according to the particulars of the planned course of study.


Following a prolonged illness or other personal crisis, a student may best be served by a transitional period of off-site instruction before returning to a full-time course of study. The Smith School is usually able to accommodate the needs of such students. Interested parents should contact the school to discuss the details of off-site instruction.


The Smith School also makes available to all full-time day students the on-site services of our School Counselor, Learning Specialist, and Speech & Language Pathologist.

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